Mini-Truck Developments

Sarge mini-truck from Sokon USA Photo by Branimir Kvartuc

Sokon USA – After encountering quality issues with their first attempt several years ago under the Mattruck brand, Hal Ferrell and Michael Lewis of Sokon USA have launched a mini-truck based hunting vehicle.  Selling under the brand Sarge, these mini-trucks feature four wheel drive, a 45 hp engine and a 25 mph top speed.  The company claims the vehicles are classified as LSVs and are street legal depending on state and local regulations.

The vehicle, which seats five, is sourced from China based DFM (Dong Feng Motor), a subsidiary of Chongqing Yuan Group and will retail for about $14,500.  In addition to the hunting market, the vehicle will compete against utility vehicles in the construction, turf, ranching, farming and government markets.  Learn more:

DFM Mini-truck (Thailand) –  Driven by rising demand in the Thai market, the company is talking to the parent company DFM of China about  manufacturing vehicles in Thailand rather than importing them from China.  Learn more:

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