New Electric 4WD Motor Kit for Golf Cars from SilverWolf Motors

SilverWolf Motors 4WD motor kit for golf cars

Exploded view of motor, wheel and tire

A new aftermarket electric motor kit from SilverWolf Motors can provide 4WD capabilities to golf cars. The sealed AC motors bolt on to the front suspension and “add independent electronically differentiated Drive System to the front wheels.” The kit provides a vehicle with more climbing and pulling power.  According to company information “The 4WD can be engaged by the operator using a dash mounted switch at any time. It provides additional traction in the forward direction as required.  Once the vehicle has attained a speed of approximately 10 – 12 mph (Hare Mode) it disengages automatically and re-engages when needed.” The MSRP for the kit is $1,195 CAD. Vehicle specific adapters are sold separately. The company is currently building up their dealer distribution network.

The kit can also be added on to gas powered vehicles to create a hybrid vehicle. The increasing use of hybrids is a market trend SVR expects to see in the next few years as more OEMs are expected to offer hybrid models.  Aftermarket kits like this one will only add momentum to the trend. Hybrids have applications for parts of the hunting market that require more range and in the parks/campus segment where organizations are “greening” their fleets but current all electric vehicles may not be feasible for some of their vehicle uses at this time. A kit like this opens up a range of personal use markets served by golf car dealers that offer rebuilding and customization services of new and used golf cars.

The press release follows:

4WD Kit for Golf Cars Delivers on Power Waterloo, Ontario – April 16, 2013

SilverWolf Vehicles Inc. has introduced a Motor Kit that bolts to the front suspension of a golf car to provide 4WD performance and act as an independent drive system. Two Motorized Wheels offer Ultra-High levels of Torque without limiting the vehicles top speed. “The motors provide over 250 Nm of torque to each of the front wheels”, says company CEO, Bill Jager, “which almost doubles the pulling power and traction of a standard golf car”. The Kit bolts easily to the existing steering and suspension system and works well with both lifted and stock vehicles. The 4WD is engaged by using a dash mounted switch that controls the amount of torque provided by the motors. The Motor Kit can also be adapted to gas UTVs and other vehicles to make them true Hybrids.

Contact Information: Claudia Demandt 1-888-398-7078 ext. 712



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