New 2015 STOV Market Study

Small Vehicle Resource (SVR), LLC Announces New Market Analysis of the Small, Task-Oriented Vehicle Industry:

The Small, Task-Oriented Vehicle Industry: Greater Product Diversity Opens New Avenues of Market Competition– Trends from 2010; Forecasts to 2019

STOV 7 rpt brochure pieThe small, task-oriented vehicle (STOV) industry in the United States has reached the milestone of $14.2 billion sales at retail, based on SVR estimates, of which approximately one half consists of vehicle sales. Three broad trends will benefit the industry over the next five years. First, although still sluggish, the economy continues to make incremental gains, and in the long term greater energy supplies and possible economic reforms should produce a period of sustain, if muted growth. Second, there is a growing appreciation of the capabilities of STOV vehicles, which could well lead to an acceleration in their substitution for on-road vehicles (in both commercial and consumer markets). Finally, with the continued wave of baby boomer retirees should benefit certain segments of the industry.

SVR’s Seventh Reportin This Series

This latest report from Small Vehicle Resource marks the seventh in a series of biennial market studies, dating to 2000. This report extends the forecast horizon to 2019, with trends from 2010, and includes four categories of small vehicles:

• Fleet golf cars

• Privately-owned vehicles (LSVs, PTVs, refurbished, and other types)

• Golf car-type utility vehicles

• Off-road work and recreational vehicles (UTVs)

SVR has covered these significant market segments in each of its reports. This report is no exception. Aside from new forecasts,

SVR’s Latest Report Provides New and Fresh Analysis of:

• Market and product development strategies of all major players in four market segments mentioned above;

• The off-road utility vehicle market where significant focus is given to major companies with roots in the golf, agriculture, and powersports industries that are converging on this segment with new product lines and reoriented distribution systems;

• Who the winners will be in the race to the top of the STOV industry–in particular a close look at the clearly emerging factors that drive success in this highly competitive marketplace.

STOV Rpt 7 box2

What the New Report Covers

Here is list of topics covered in the new report. Virtually all topics are data centered with extensive tables and charts accompanying each subject.

1. Market for golfcar-type vehicles.

• Fleet golfcars–issues pertaining the slowly declining golf course market;                     • Utility vehicles–growth in the commercial segment;                                                     • Privately-owned vehicles–developments, market diversification, outlook for new and  used PTVs, LSVs, refurbished and upgraded golf cars;                                                • Forecasts by unit for golf car fleets, utility vehicles, and privately owned vehicles to 2019 (trends from 2010).STOV Rpt 7 light duty chart2. Off-road utility and recreational vehicles–extensive review of product lines from diverse manufacturers; market growth vs. battle for market share.

• Side-by-side product comparisons;                                                                          • New market entrants–major companies and smaller up-and-comers;                       • Critical aspects of distribution and dealer sales orientation;                                         • Forecasts by unit and value to 2019 (trends from 2010);                                             • Marketshare by company and vehicle type.

3. Outlook for gas and electric powertrains.

• More AC drivetrains enter the market;                                                                       • EFI begins to dominate the light utility vehicle market;                                               • Future product developments.

4. New technologies and upgrades to watch for.

5. The used vehicle market

• Potential for a tightening of the used golfcar market;                                                   • Estimates of used vehicles in each major market segment;

6. Analysis of major company product and market strategies

• Changing role of dealerships and distribution strategies;                                           • Developing markets beyond traditional customers;                                                   • Importance of product diversification;                                                                       • Impact of accessories and service on the bottom line;                                               • Role of internet-based marketing.

7. International trade and investment

• Imports and exports of small, task-oriented vehicles                                                   • International investment activities                                                                               • New areas for international investment

8. Regulatory trends

• Consumer Product Safety Council’s attempt to regulate off-road products and the industry’s response;                                                                                                    • Regulatory initiatives by State


• Gas vs. electric golfcar-type vehicles: the face-off between EFI and AC power   • The battle for competitive edge in the off-road utility vehicle market   • Competitive strategies of major companies–vision and strategy implementation: > Polaris > Arctic Cat > BRP > E-Z-GO > Club Car > Yamaha Golf Cars > John Deere > Kawasaki > Kubota


The Small, Task-Oriented Vehicle Industry: Greater Product Diversity Opens New Avenues of Market Competition–Trends from 2010; Forecasts to 2019 is available now:

Standard fee: $3,450.00; companion PowerPoint, $500

Orders can be placed at

 Study Brochure with detailed table of contents and list of tables and charts.

Please direct any questions to:

Stephen Metzger, SVR Managing Director                                                       (914) 293-7577 

Small Vehicle Resource, LLC Headquarters:                                                  388 Croton Avenue                                                                                Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567


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