More Club Car Models To Use Subaru EFI Engine

Club Car XRT850 utility vehicles will soon feature a new Subaru EFI engine.

Club Car XRT850 utility vehicles will soon feature a new Subaru EFI engine.

Club Car’s  XRT800 and XRT850 utility vehicles manufactured after April, 2014 will use the new Subaru 14-hp rated, 404-cc, single-cylinder overhead cam engines with electronic fuel injection (EFI). The new engine represents a 30 percent increase in horsepower and the EFI technology will allow for more reliable starting, better fuel efficiency and in general improved performance. The Subaru’s splash lubrication system requires no oil filter eliminating the need for buying, changing and disposing of filters.

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Comment:  EFI technology is an example of automobile technology that has migrated into the STOV market. Technology migration such as this typically starts with higher-priced, specialty or higher performance models in the market. In the case of EFI technology, it first started appearing in the high-end recreational side-by-sides and in vehicles for work applications that had higher performance requirements. Now EFI is moving to smaller, less expensive vehicles like these Club Car  XRTs which are compact UTVs. Another example is Yamaha’s use of EFI engines in their golf car and utility vehicle product lines.

Golf Car Companies Pursue Work UTV Segment with New Vehicles

The new Cushman Hauler Pro with a 72-volt AC drivetrain.

The new Cushman Hauler Pro with a 72-volt AC drivetrain.



Carryall 2 from Club Car

Carryall 2 from Club Car

Faced with slow or no growth in their primary market, fleet golf cars, Club Car and E-Z-GO are pursuing higher growth opportunities in the commercial and consumer work UTV segments. To do this both companies have recently producing revamped product offerings. Club Car has come out with their new Carryall line of vehicles and E-Z-GO is attacking their market with the new Cushman Pro Hauler. The Pro Hauler uses a 72-volt AC drivetrain to provide longer runtime at golf courses and other maintenance environments. The whole Carryall line has been redesigned to appeal to a wide range of consumer and commercial customers.  Learn more:  The Augusta Chronicle

Club Car Launches Newly Overhauled Line Of Carryall Utility Vehicles

Club Car has launched a new line of Carryall UTVs.

Club Car has launched a new line of Carryall UTVs.

New Carryall UTV from Club Car

New Carryall UTV from Club Car

Club Car announced their new line of Carryall utility vehicles which feature significant changes to the vehicles. One key feature of the line is a new engine developed by Subaru.

The 14-hp-rated, 404-cc, single-cylinder overhead cam engine features electronic fuel injection (EFI), capacitive discharge ignition (CGI), hemispherical heads and a case-hardened steel timing chain that enhances reliability. A splash lubrication system that eliminates the need for oil filters simplifies maintenance and reduces environmental waste.

The engine will be warrantied for 3 years and 3,000 hours, up from the previous 2 years and 2,000 hours. The product line will continue to have an aluminum frame, rack and pinion steering and independent front suspension. Other key features include:

  • 30% more horsepower and 50% more fuel efficiency
  • Electric models have an inboard solid state charger that is programmable for different algorithms depending on battery type i.e. flooded lead-acid or AGM and 10% more efficient than the previous one
  • Movable bed dividers and cargo tie-downs and ability to accommodate ladder racks, bucket holders and other accessories
  • Rhino lining for the cargo bed floor is standard
  • New body and interior styling for better ergonomics and usability
  • Integrated halogen headlights with an LED option
  • Optional cab designed to integrate with vehicle design
  • A street-legal LSV model configuration and six passenger Transporter model

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Comment:  The product line is being marketed as a replacement for pickup trucks in the commercial and industrial markets. This is a fast growing segment in work segment of the UTV markets. The savings is not so much in the front-end costs but all the insurance, maintenance and fuel costs during the life of the vehicle. UTVs like the Carryall can also offer productivity improvements as they can prove more versatile and better access work areas than larger pick-up trucks. The electric vehicles are particularly popular with colleges/universities, parks and municipalities that have green or sustainability policies. This is one of the reasons that the UTV market has continued to grow at a good pace despite a slow economic recovery.

What’s Cooking on the STOV

Highlighting some of the many applications for small, task-oriented vehicles:

Here are a couple more examples of the different applications for STOVs. They show the range of uses of utility vehicles and how they can be customized or accessorized to a small or large degree depending on the need of the customer and the specialized conditions under which they will be used. In the first example, you also see how once again a STOV can replace a full-size vehicle and offer both upfront and operational cost savings.

A customized Club Car XRT1550SE in operation at a potash mine.

Transport for Potash Mining Operation - Club Car’s Custom Solutions Department has been customizing utility vehicles for use in this potash mining operation since 2007. The mining operation had previously been using full-size SUVs to transport personnel over a kilometer into the mine over challenging terrain. The SUVs were both expensive to purchase and maintain given the harsh work environment.  Club Car customized their XRT1550-SE four-passenger diesel utility vehicle for the application. The difficult and sometimes corrosive conditions required a number of specific features including:  diesel scrubbers, power steering, 120 decibel back-up alarms, heavy-duty brush guards, rear differential guards, belly pans/skid plates, CV boot guards and rock guard brake calipers for the difficult terrain. For operations in dark conditions the vehicles have complete light packages rear and front-facing spot lights on separate circuits, and digital speedometers that are legible in the dark. The cars were also equipped with sealed CVTs to keep dust and dirt off the clutch face, gel-cell maintenance-free sealed batteries, and spare tires and rims.

Over 50 of the vehicles have been used at the operation since 2007. Key benefits of the vehicles include aluminum frames that avoid corrosion, purchase price that is 20% of the full-size SUVs they previously purchased, tighter turning radius for operating in narrow tunnels, better handling in loose dirt, cheaper parts, and less oxygen use in the underground conditions than the SUVs. (The oxygen needs to be replaced as part of the mining operation.)  Learn more:

The type of Gator the town of Greenville will use for trail maintenance.

Trail maintenance – The city of Greenville, MI will be purchasing a John Deere Gator for maintenance on the Fred Meijer Flat River Trail. The 4×2 Gator will feature an electric motor and a larger motor. The vehicle is being funded primarily by a grant from the Greenville Area Community Foundation and is expected to make it easier for town workers to move up and down the trail for maintenance work.  Learn more:

Club Car Awards Johnson Controls as a Top Supplier

Club Car recently gave their award for Overall Operations Excellence 2012 to Johnson Controls in recognition of being a top supplier. Johnson Controls supplies all the batteries to power Club Car’s fleet of Precedent golf cars and Carryall utility vehicles from facilities in Florence, SC. Besides providing deep-cycle lead-acid batteries, Johnson Controls is working with Club Car to develop and deploy advanced battery technologies that should be available in the next eighteen months as options for certain models..

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Club Car Recalls Vehicles

Club Car modified a previous recall of utility vehicles and golf cars, and has issued a new recall for a limited number of golf cars and transport vehicles. The modification of a previous recall from September 2012 involves a change in model and serial numbers. The complete list of relevant model and serial numbers is available at The recall still involves approximately 4,000 vehicles.

A separate recall involving approximately 950 golf cars and transport vehicles was initiated earlier this week. The recall involves five different gas-powered 2013 Precedent models.  The fuel hose could separate from the fuel tank, posing a fire hazard. Consumers should contact any Club Car dealer for a free inspection and repair of the fuel hose system. Club Car is also contacting owners directly. The relevant models and serial numbers follow:

Model Model number Serial number range
Prec i2 Signature 4 Pass Gas PW 1307-346775
Prec i2 Signature Gas PY 1307-346310 to 1307-346312
Precedent i2 4 Pass Gas PF 1307-345436 to 1311-352118
Precedent i2 Gas PR 1306-344140 to 1311-352109
Precedent i2L Gas CF 1307-345914 to 1310-349283

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Club Car Recalls Golf Cars & UTVs

Club Car has announced the recall of about 4,000 gas and diesel powered golf cars and utility vehicles sold between April and June of this year.  The vehicle’s fuel tank filler neck can crack and allow fuel to leak, posing a fire hazard.  The recall covers nineteen 2012 models across a number of product lines including Carryall, DS, Precedent, Transporter, Villager and XRT.  Consumers should stop using the recalled vehicles immediately and contact Club Car( 800-227-0739 ext. 3831) for a free replacement fuel tank. The firm is directly contacting consumers who purchased the vehicles.  For a list of models under recall or to learn more:

Club Car Recalls Limited Number of Utility & Transport Vehicles

Club Car, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is recalling approximately 100 utility and transport vehicles.  The brake pedal mounting blocks can crack and separate, resulting in a loss of braking ability.  To date no incidents of cracking or resulting injuries have been reported.  The vehicles were sold during April and May of 2011 and include a range of models and serial numbers.  Club Car is contacting customers directly to provide a free replacement of the mounting blocks.  For more information and specific models and serial numbers affected see

Club Car European News

Club Car has launched to showcase the company’s electric golf cars and utility vehicles.  The microsite provides information about the Club Car’s latest technologies as well as news and case studies from vehicle operators at various European and Middle Eastern golf facilities.  Learn more:

Also in the European market, the PGA announced the purchase of an eleven vehicle fleet of Club Car vehicles for use at PGA events.  The vehicles will be distributed to various regions in Great Britain and Ireland and the PGA headquarters. A number of the vehicles feature Club Car’s Delta Q on-board charging system.  Learn more:

Club Car Extends European Tour Partnership

Club Car has extended their partnership with professional golf’s European Tour through 2014 including the 2014 Ryder Cup.  As part of the deal Club Car provides 70 or more golf cars and utility vehicles at each of 26 tournaments during the year.  At the Ryder Cup upwards of 300 vehicles are provided for promoters anda variety of support staff.  Club Car has worked with the tour since 1999.  Learn more: