LSV/NEV And Golf Cart Safety Concerns

While many municipalities are passing regulations allowing LSV use there is also an undercurrent of safety concerns related to the vehicles.

  • NEV safety concerns – A few employees working for the city of Alameda have refused to use NEVs because they believe them to be unsafe.
  • Keeping with state law, Elmhurst will not allow the use of neighborhood electric vehicles on its streets. Acting on a recommendation from the Elmhurst Police Department, the Public Affairs and Safety Committee decide Monday that the low-speed, battery-powered vehicles could pose a safety hazard on Elmhurst’s arterial roads.
  • In Perry, GA the town council voted to restrict the use of LSVs to subdivisions out of a concern for safety.
  • Pawleys Island, South Carolina outlawed the use of low speed vehicles on the island over congestion and safety concerns and to be consistent with a previous ordinance outlawing the use of golf cars on island streets.
  • In June Connecticut passed a law outlawing the use of golf carts on public roads unless they are crossing the road to get from one part of the course to another.
  • Delaware, OH City council declined to pass legislation that would allow golf carts and LSVs on their roads.

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