NEV/LSV State Registration Volume Small But Showing High Growth

While the volume of NEV/LSV registrations are typically only in the hundreds on a state by state basis, they are demonstrating a high rate of growth. Not all states have a separate designation for NEVs/LSVs.

  • According to the South Carolina DMV registrations of LSVs increased from 58 as of July 31, 2007 to 140 this year.
  • The Wisconsin DOT reports that 68 vehicles have been registered through August, 2008 since last December’s passage of the state law allowing LSV use. The law requires state approval for instances where the vehicles cross state highways while traveling on local streets and this approval has been hard to come by.

3 thoughts on “NEV/LSV State Registration Volume Small But Showing High Growth

  1. Dear Sir,

    just a question but do you know any figuers about the European market for Electronic Utlitiy Vehicles ?


    Vincent Borstell

  2. sorry I do not have any figures. you may want to try Smith Electric Vehicles (Tanfield Group plc) although they are more electric truck than utility vehicle. US based GEM has some exports but I think only about a 1000 since their inception and some of these are in Asia.

  3. Not sure your mnemonic STOV (Small Task Oriented Vehicles) will ever catch on. I prefer to stick with LSV for street legal Low Speed Vehicles. This market is much larger than it would appear to be by looking at sales. What this market wants based on our market research and talking to people in both fleet businesses and private users is not what is available today. By our estimates, we believe this addressable market could be close to 1M vehicles per year and not 5,000 per year. We are entering this market with a great deal of automotive understanding (OEM & Tier 1 suppiers) and have translated these missing features into product attributes in our family of products. EcoVElectric is a city/urban electric Low Speed Vehicle that is priced starting under $10,000. EcoV is roadworthy, weather-worthy, and crashworthy with bullet-proof proven reliability.
    Once our funding is in place, we will start building product in our plant in Detroit. EcoV will put a major jump up in LSV volumes and the desire to buy a LSV. (We still have opportunities for investors!)
    Now EcoV will qualify its private buyers to receive a significant tax credit as a plug-in electric vehicle.
    Check out the future for STOV’s at

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