Army NEV Purchase Update

Starting with 800 vehicles in fiscal year 2009 the Army expects to acquire 4,000 NEVs in the next three years for use at 44 installations. The vehicles will be leased through the General Services Administration(GSA) from US golf cart companies like E-Z Go. According to Paul Bollinger, U.S. Army Deputy Assistant Secretary, Privatization and Partnerships, the acquisition is expected to be only a start as he anticipates the Army eventually acquiring 10,000 vehicles. In addition, the Air Force and Navy have reportedly expressed interest in “piggybacking” on the Army program and Bollinger expects that they will have a need for 10,000 vehicles apiece themselves.

The vehicles are reportedly street legal and if this is the case, then they must meet the LSV regulations and this will mean a significant boost to the NEV/LSV market.

via Paul Bollinger – Defense News

5 thoughts on “Army NEV Purchase Update

  1. I wonder if these cars are made in the USA or imported from China? The fit and finish on most of the vehicles I have seen from China have been found wanting. Just curious where they originate.
    A more spartan version of this style of vehicle, the NEV is found manufactured up in Wisconsin, at Columbia ParCar. They even have a solar electric version of a working pick-up style NEV that has gone for months without even plugging in. look for the Columbia SUV.
    You may have to call them up to ask for information on the “solar top” version.

  2. I believe the first vehicles purchased are GEMs but that doesn’t mean all of them will be. The suppliers will have to be listed with the GSA and if I’m not mistaken Columbia Parcar is on the list along with GEM and one or two other manufacturers.

  3. Thanks for the update. I just wonder if any of these NEV’s are going to have a solar electric top? Any idea? The “solar assisted” systems seem to work well with the NEV demos so far. Solar does not seem to help the highway speed electric vehicles, but with the LSV, they apparently have found a good match.

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