Road Use Regulation Round Up

Cities across the country continue to both pass or reject ordinance regarding LSVs and golf cars. A number of common issues keep surfacing including:

  • Safety concerns when mixing LSVs with larger & faster vehicles
  • Legality of crossing over state highways
  • Allowing golf cars on public roads and grouping these vehicles together with LSVs

On the last point, I believe the LSV manufacturers will need to do a better job differentiating themselves from golf cars. You often hear LSVs/NEVs referred to as “glorified golf carts” or a similar moniker. This only creates confusion and blurs the real safety differences between the two different types of vehicles. This melding of vehicle types and their perceived level of safety, often attributing LSVs with a golf cart level of safety, ultimately makes it harder to pass ordinances allowing LSV use on city streets.

Commerce City, CO – approved revised ordinance allowing the use of NEVs
Deer Park, WA – repealed ordinance allowing golf cars to be operated on city streets
Berthoud, CO – passed ordinance allowing NEVs on the road
Loveland, CO – considering NEV ordinance
Stuart City, FL – failed to pass an ordinance that would allow LSVs and golf cars on designated streets. There were concerns about safety and access because the vehicles cannot cross state highways.
Bismarck, ND – passed ordinance allowing use of LSVs on certain streets
Zion, Il – ordinance allowing the use of LSVs on hold until the city can resolve questions about insurance for the vehicles
Bainbridge, GA – considering ordinance that would allow the use of golf cars on streets
Winter Garden, FL – six month trial period allowing the use of golf cars on city streets

Wausau, WI – the state DOT rejected an ordinance for LSVs, needing to examine state highway crossovers more closely

Canyonville, OR and Ocean City, NJ have moved to forbid the use of golf cars on city streets

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