GEM Loses Luster With Army In Europe

After a six month trial the US Army has decided not to use GEMs at garrisons across Europe.

GEM on test with US Army

GEM on test with US Army

During the trial three vehicles were tested at US Army garrison Grafenwohr in Germany. The vehicles were used for trash site inspection, mail delivery and housing area checks. According to Stars and Stripes,

Last week, Grafenwohr’s director of public works, Tom Hays, said the cars failed to impress.

“They broke down too often and didn’t have enough range,” he said of the cars made in the States by a Chrysler subsidiary.

Other comments by Hays suggest that the primary problem is with the vehicle’s limited range, about 30 miles. The article notes that these test trial results does not preclude the Army from revisiting the use of electric vehicles in the future.

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