NEVs Become A Point Of Attack On Stimulus Bill

Numerous blogs and websites are recycling the same political spin in opposition to the stimulus bill.  Typically the headline includes the phrase “$300 million for golf carts”. (Here is an example)  The story then highlights NEVs from a list of electric vehicle types that would be eligible for federal funding under the bill and conflates NEVs/LSVs with golf carts.

Whether you are for or against the stimulus bill, this is another example of how various media outlets and others are blurring the line between NEVs/LSVs and golf carts.  In the past, the blurring has had more to do with vehicle safety issues.  In both cases, the blurring is to the detriment of NEV/LSV manufacturers.  If this trend continues, NEV/LSV manufacturers may have to more aggressively and clearly delineate the differences between NEVs/LSVs and golf carts in order to protect the generic NEV/LSV brand and their specific brand of NEV/LSV.

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