Tata Developing Electric Nano For Western Markets

Tata Motors is developing an electric powered version of their Nano. The gas powered Nano will hit the Indian market later this year, and with a price tag of $2,000 will be the cheapest car in the world. However, for Western markets, the company wants to sell an alternative fuel vehicle. To this end, Tata Motors acquired a majority stake in Miljo Grenland Innovasjon last year. The Norwegian company specializes in electric car technology. The low speed electric Nano will be targeted towards urban and gated community market segments. Tata is also working with MDI Enterprises on a compressed air powered version of the car, which will also be a low-speed vehicle. Learn more

One thought on “Tata Developing Electric Nano For Western Markets

  1. I think its a green gesture to try and produce eletric cars. I personaly think electric cars are not practical. I prefer fuel injected vehicles. But the beter, bigger question is, WHEN WILL THE NANO BE LAUNCHED IN SOUTH AFRICA?

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