Electrovaya’s Maya 300 To Be First Li-Ion Powered LSV In North America

Electrovayas Lithium-Ion Powered Maya 300

Electrovaya's Lithium-Ion Powered Maya 300

If all goes according to plan the Maya 300 will be available this summer in the US and Canada.  The LSV will be available with either a 12 KW or 18 KW Lithium ion battery pack, which will give the vehicle a range of 80 km or 120km respectively.  Produced by Electrovaya, the LSV will be priced around $20,000 and will be assembled in either Mississauga, Ontario, or Malta, NY,  the final decision is yet to be made.

The Maya 300 is based on the Chana Benni car which is manufactured by Chana International Corporation in Chongqing (province of Sichuan) with styling by Bertrone of Italy.  Learn more

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