Rebate & Tax Credit Pushes ZENN Price Below 10K

As part of their Ambassador Program, ZENN is offering rebates of $4,750 off the sticker price of $15,995.  Coupled with the $1,250 federal tax credit available in the U.S. the vehicle cost drops to $9,995.  The ZENN rebate is available at the point of sale through June 30th of this year at the more than 40 dealers in the U.S.  Purchasers will also receive a ZENN hat and t-shirt as the company tries to spread the word about their vehicle.  Learn more:  autobloggreen

In other ZENN news:  Based on company press releases, ZENN sold 211 vehicles in 2008 compared to 184 in 2007 despite a sharp drop in sales in the last quarter of 2008 because of problems with a supplier of a drive train component and the economic downturn.

The company also commented on plans to develop a new four passenger LSV platform, the cityZENN, a highway-capable full electric vehicle, and ZENNergy drivetrains in anticipation of the commercialization of EEstor’s energy storage technology.  Management reports that they are close to signing an agreement with an OEM as a partner in the development of these initiatives.  Learn more:

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