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A recent interview with Peapod designer Peter Arnell reveals some more information about the vehicle. The first version of the vehicle will be a four-door version with a 10hp motor. A two-door version, called the Twinpod, is coming later in the year and a utility configuration, the Utilitypod, hits the market in April 2010.  Arnell remarks that one of the drivers for their target market of younger purchasers is iPod and iPhone integration.  He also refers to the vehicle as an appliance because it is a “personal transport pod” that can be plugged in.  Learn more:

Comment: It will be interesting to see if they can reach the younger market.   In other coverage they have talked about college students as a specific target segment. In a recent interview I had with a dealer that sells NEVs, including the GEM, they thought the Peapod might face tough competition from fully functional vehicles like the Kia Soul that do not cost much more than the Peapod.  However, the dealer thought the speed restricted vehicle might have some appeal to parents purchasing the vehicle for their teenager to use.

I have spoken with an executive of another NEV manufacturer  who also likes to sell their NEV as an appliance, but more in the context of an appliance as part of the typical set of appliances you would associate with a home.  It will be interesting to see if this “appliance” label gains any traction in the market.  mcesare

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