Mini Trucks Offer Competition In Some Utility Vehicle Segments

I came across a story about how farmers were choosing Japanese mini-trucks to replace pick-ups for use on their farms.  This puts them in direct competition with utility vehicles which are also replacing pick-ups on farms, college campuses, parks and other areas.  The mini-trucks are typically faster than utility vehicles, a top speed around 50 mph, although some new vehicles are being built to LSV standards, and have the advantage of an enclosed cab. They offer better gas mileage than pick-ups, upwards of 40-50 mpg .

There however is an issue with registration of the vehicles and road use regulations.  The  law varies from state to state on whether they  can be  registered and or used on local roads, even if it is driving between  parts  of  the same farm. Louisiana recently passed a law allowing them to be used on certain roads.

Many of the mini trucks are purchased as used vehicles imported from Japan where various regulations apparently make it more economical to purchase a new vehicle after certain amount of use rather than comply with the regulations.  Learn more: and here

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