Road Use Regulations Roundup – May

Some trends in this latest regulation roundup:

  • Some cities are expanding road use regulations to include golf cars
  • NEV road use ordinances continue to be passed by local municipalities although safety concerns remain an issue for some
  • Demand is in increasing for allowing utility vehicles and mini-trucks on public roads
  • Another state looking to adopt a medium speed vehicle law

North Carolina – Bill in the state assembly would add Currituck and New Hanover counties to a state law that allows golf cars on streets in several resort communities.

Pontiac, IL – Ordinance being drafted that would allow the use of modified golf cars as NEVs.

Normal, IL – Considering an ordinance allowing the use of NEVs on city streets.

Merrill, WI – City council passed an ordinance allowing the use of NEVs on city streets.

ColoradoHouse passed a bill that would allow NEVs on public highways.

Palm Desert, CA – Safety concerns have stalled a bill in the state legislature that would broaden the use of NEVs on city streets.

Minnesota – Legislation has passed both the state house and senate that would allow counties to permit the use of mini-trucks, but not on interstate and state highways.

New York – The state DMV issued an opinion that utility vehicles are not allowed on roads or ATV trails unless the law is changed.

New Strawn, KS – City council approved an ordinance that allows work-site utility vehicles and micro utility vehicles to be driven legally on city streets.

Cushing, OKPassed an ordinance regulating the operation of mini bikes, golf carts, ATVs and utility vehicles on the streets and highways of the city.

Utah – Cities are debating allowing the use of mini-trucks on public roads. Since they are classified as street legal ATVs there is concern about allowing the use of all types of ATVs.

Oregon – Governor has introduced a transportation bill that creates a medium speed vehicle designation aimed at increasing the adoption of NEVs

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