Will Best Buy Be The Best Place For e-Vehicles?

Best Buy is exploring market opportunities as a distributor of e-vehicles.  The computer and electronics retailer sees potential in these products along with others related to the concept of the “smart grid”.   According Rick Rommel, Best Buy’s senior vice president for Emerging Business

When you turn to the smart grid, the ability to take complex technologies that are going to plug into the home, utilize home area networks, communicate back over broadband to utilities — it’s going to be a fairly complex system.  We think that’s a place where Best Buy can take our experience in in-home systems sales, support and installation and apply it to the smart grid.

The company recently started selling electric bicycles in 20 stores around Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles and has plans to see the Enertia, an electric motorcycle as well.  Depending on the success of these products,  other e-vehicles such as NEVs may offered for sale or rental.  Learn more:  greenbiz.com

Comment: Distribution on this scale could really raise the awareness level of NEVs and a rental option could allow a large number of consumers to experience and essentially test drive these vehicles. – MC

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