Chrylser Wants To Sharply Reduce The Number Of GEM Dealers

Chrysler will argue in bankruptcy court next week that it should be able to eliminate 64 of 150 GEM dealers.  This represents just over 40% of the GEM dealerships.  According to Chrysler management 26 of the dealers are already closed or winding down operations and many others have only sold a “handful” of vehicles in the past two years. Learn more:

Comment: This development is not too surprising. In recent weeks I  have interviewed a number of NEV dealers for an upcoming study and some of them, not just GEM dealers, have shutdown or put their operations on hold.  The economy has a large part to do with their difficulties as well as misjudging the interest in these vehicles for personal transportation. MC

2 thoughts on “Chrylser Wants To Sharply Reduce The Number Of GEM Dealers

  1. Does the GEM qualify for the “plug in electric drive motor vehicle tax credit”?
    Tomberlin claims to be eligible for a $5500 tax credit. This is a credit not a deduction. Apparently it can be used to offset the AMT.

  2. In the original legislation NEVs/LSVs like the GEM were included but subsequently they were excluded and covered by legislation specific for NEVs that allowed for a lower tax credit. This legislation allows for a tax credit equal to 10% of the NEV’s cost up to $2,500.

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