CT & T Partners With Electric Vehicle Technology Manufacturers

CT & T recently announced a joint venture with PUES Corporation and E-1 Technology.  The joint venture is focused on bringing in-wheel direct drive motors and rapid charging technologies into the market.  PUES and E-1 have already been working together towards commercializing the PUES technology.  According to the report,

Electric vehicles with in-wheel motors are lighter weight (27 percent less than conventional motors), offer improved energy efficiency (by as much as 95 percent), better performance (doubled driving distance range) and increased power (from 2.5kw to 25kw).

CT & T produces the eZone NEV and has plans to offer a full range of electric vehicles from city cars to buses.  The company is currently finalizing sites in the US for a North American headquarters, research center and manufacturing facilities.  Learn more:  www.swampfox.ws

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