Electric Vehicles International Opens US Plant

Electric Vehicles International opened up their new manufacturing facility in Stockton, CA yesterday.  EVI will design and assemble zero-emission, all-electric, medium-duty delivery vehicles and light-duty vehicles using EVI electric motors and controllers made at the location.  The Stockton location will also serve as the company’s world headquarters, previously located in Mexico.  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger participated in the opening ceremonies.

The medium-duty vehicles are being produced in partnership with Freightliner Custom Chassis and EVI plans to ship 1,000 of the all-electric trucks in 2010.  The vehicles will cost $120,000 to $180,000 and have ranges of 60, 80 and 115 miles depending on the size of the lithium-ion battery pack chosen. The company also plans to enter the plug-in hybrid business, and possibly perform electric conversions of school buses and port equipment as well.  Learn more:  Collisionconcierge.com

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