Aptera Facing Difficulties

Recent reports indicate that three-wheeled, electric vehicle maker Aptera is having development and financial difficulties. The founders have reportedly been pushed out and staff has been cut. Changes to the vehicle design to widen the vehicle’s appeal has delayed the launch date significantly and created more capital demands in the middle of a poor investment climate. Loans from the US government’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan program is potentially a source for cash infusion. Learn more: Autogloggreen

One thought on “Aptera Facing Difficulties

  1. Loans from the US Govt. SAre so NOT a source of cash infusion. The DOE screwed Aptera and they had to get the President to sign a bill ordering the DOE to stop screwing them. The DOE gave money to the big boys in Michigan and ignored Aptera because they could blow away the big boys in Michigan if they got up and running.

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