Club Car Increasing Vehicle Prices 2.5%

Driven by sharp increases in commodity prices, Club Car announced that prices 2010 for golf cars and utility vehicles will increase about 2.5% immediately.  The main commodities contributing to the price increase are lead, copper and aluminum.  According to the report Club Car annually uses approximately 20 million pounds of lead for batteries, eight to 10 million pounds of aluminum for vehicle chassis and significant amounts of copper for wiring in electric motors and other components.  In the last year commodity costs have increased an estimated 35% for lead, 50% for copper and 15% for aluminum.  Learn more:

Comment: It will be interesting to see if E-Z-Go or other manufacturers, especially electric vehicle manufacturers follow suit.  If the economy improves over the next year it is likely to drive demand for these commodities even higher. – Marc Cesare

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