New Vehicles Entering The Market

The vibrancy of the STOV market is evidenced by the frequency in which new vehicles are entering the market, whether from new companies, existing companies expanding into new segments or exporters looking for new markets. I’ve come across the following vehicles in the past week.


EcoV LSV – The EcoV is designed by EnVironmental Transportation Solutions and will be produced and brought to market in conjunction with OEM Energy Components Group . The EcoV is fully enclosed, has range of up to 40 miles, is charged using a standard wall outlet and costs around $12,000. The launch date is undetermined at this time. Development plans also call for multi-passenger utility vehicles, a pick-up and and delivery trucks. Learn more:

Columbia Crossline LSV at the Washingotn DC Auto Show

Columbia Crossline LSV – From the Washington DC Auto Show we learn that Columbia Parcar is working on a new LSV targeting the personal transportation segment. Currently called the Crossline, the fully enclosed LSV was designed with France-based Aixam Mega, a leading producer of microcars. The vehicle is being tested with AGM batteries and may be available by the end of the year with an MSRP under $20,000. The vehicle is likely to compete directly with Tomberlin’s offerings in this segment. Learn more:

Goupil Industrie Utility Truck

Goupil Industrie Utility Trucks – From the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi we have utility trucks produced by Goupil Industrie of France. The company currently manufacturers two tip-trucks that are popular with universities and the like, as well as box vans for delivery purposes.  The vehicles use a bank of 24 two-volt batteries and have a range of 50 to 60 miles.  They retail for the equivalent of about 25,000 USD.  With sales currently concentrated in France and Europe the company is looking for distributors in other markets.  Learn more:

2 thoughts on “New Vehicles Entering The Market

  1. What’s a STOV? What’s a LSV?

    I’ve been following the evolution of electric cars for over 2 years and have converted my own Saturn to electric power. I have never heard those terms, STOV and LSV, mentioned before.

    Am I an idiot?

    Brian from MN (Minnesota)

    • STOV stands for small, task-oriented vehicle and is a term we coined to cover what we see as the converging markets of utility vehicles, LSVs and golf cars. LSV stands for low speed vehicle which is a term used by the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration for vehicles that are not highway speed vehicles but meet certain criteria and safety regulations. Previously they were called NEVs or neighborhood electric vehicles which is still frequently used. STOVs and LSVs are not necessarily electric vehicles but many are.

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