Electric Truck Developments

ZeroTruck Corp. – The company’s ZeroTruck, an all-electric zero emission medium duty truck based on the Isuzu N series chassis, was recently added to the GSA schedule for government purchasing. The ZeroTruck features a low cab-forward design, a fully automated transmission, a range u to 100 miles and is fully highway capable. The vehicle is available at Central Truck Center of Landover, Maryland and through select Isuzu dealerships in California, Colorado, North Carolina, and New York. Learn more: Your-story.org Comment: While in theory a vehicle like this could offer competition to utility vehicles that are displacing pickup trucks in certain market segments, at a cost of over $100,000 this is not likely to happen anytime soon. – Marc Cesare

Electric Motor Cars – The company has just introduced a two-seat electric pickup which is based on the Dacia Logan. Dacia is a subsidiary of Renault and the trucks are built in Romania. The company reports the vehicles may be assembled in Florida or Iowa in the future. The pick up sells for $33,950 and van and station wagon versions will also be available. The vehicles are powered by nickel sodium chloride, “ZEBRA” batteries, which will charge in 3 hours on 220 volts or up to 8 hours when powered by 110 volts. The company claims a range of 260 miles and reports that around 100 vehicles will be available in about one month. Currently three dealers distribute the vehicles. Learn more: Trucktrend.com

Zap – According to this post Zap is rolling out a larger electric truck for industrial and fleet use. Learn more: Hybridfriends.com

India Electric Truck Market -Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Reva Electric Car Company are planning to launch electric trucks and passenger carriers in the sub-one-tonne segment. Tata Motors has developed an electric version of the Ace which could debut soon. M&M, likewise, is working on a variant for the recently launched 0.9-tonne Maxximo.  The sub-tonne segment in India numbers 100,000 vehicles annually.  The companies are targeting applications for large shopping mall and residential complexes, airports and  intra-city transport.  While there is no mention of  exporting the vehicles to other markets , previously Tata and GEM announced they were working on an electric version of the ACE for the US.

Learn more:  Thehindubusinessline.com

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