Road Use Regulations Roundup – February, 2010

Some trends in this latest regulation roundup:

  • A lot of legislative of action at the state level as the new year began
  • More public road access for mini-trucks and UTVs
  • Legislation benefiting LSVs including increasing speed limits, lowering speed limits, removing legislative roadblocks and equipment requirements
  • More public road access for golf cart

Nebraska – A recently introduced bill would permit the use of mini-trucks on all Nebraska roads except interstate highways, controlled-access highways and expressways. The bill also provides definitions for UTVs and mini-trucks. The story notes that mini-trucks would be used not only in rural areas but by lawn service providers in urban areas as well.

Indiana – The Indiana House of Representatives passed a bill which would allow the use of mini-trucks on local roads and state roads if properly titled and registered by the BMV. Mini-truck dealers must also register as a dealer in Indiana. The bill effectively creates a separate classification for mini-trucks which currently fall under the off-road vehicle category which includes UTVs, ATVs and golf cars.

Wisconsin – The Wisconsin Assembly Ag Committee unanimously passed the so-called “Gator Bill” which would allow light utility vehicles to be operated on roadways for agriculture use. The bill is expected to come to a vote shortly.

Mower County, MN – In the last week of December, the Mower County Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance to license and allow mini-trucks on county roads. Under the new ordinance, the mini-trucks are allowed on township and county roads, but cities in the county need to pass separate ordinances.

Santa Rosa Beach, FL – A citizen group is proposing that the speed limit for an 18.5 mile stretch of county road 30A be lowered from 45 mph to 35 mph to accommodate the use of LSVs. There is some opposition to the change.

Wisconsin – A bill working its way through the Senate would give municipalities greater ability to permit neighborhood electric vehicles (“NEV”) on roads that connect to highways or cross state highways without obtaining state DOT approval.

Alaska – The Alaska State Legislature today passed a bill that allows expanded access for LSVs on certain roads in Alaska. The bill will allow low-speed electric vehicles on roads with posted speed limits of 45 mph or less. Current Alaska law only allows these vehicles to operate on roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less.

Fresno, CA – The legislative process has been started to allow the city of Fresno to seek permission from the state to develop a neighborhood electric vehicle plan. The plan would clear the way for special lanes, signs and other upgrades required to allow the mini-cars on more city streets.

Utah Utah lawmakers will consider a bill that would allow low-speed vehicles go without a speedometer, odometer and braking for each wheel. According to the story Utah and Louisiana are the only states that require speedometers, odometers and brakes on all four wheels.

South CarolinaA House Subcommittee agreed Wednesday to allow a driver to operate a golf cart up to 5 miles from their home or business as opposed to the current 2 mile limit. The bill moved forward despite opposition from the State Public Safety Director but still has several hurdles to overcome before becoming law.

Dunedin, FL – City officials are looking into allowing golf carts on downtown roadways, in part to pro-actively address future parking problems.

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