Sedona, AZ May Replace Trolleys With NEVs

A Citizen Review Committee in Sedona, AZ recently presented a plan to the city council to replace the existing trolley system with a fleet of NEVs. Faced with high operating costs and declining ridership the city is looking for ways to improve the transit system. The NEV proposal includes the purchase of eight to ten NEVs that would travel the same routes as the current trolley system, and also offer door-to-door service along the route. The city spent over a million dollars on trolleys for the system while the fleet of NEVs is expected to cost less than $200,000. While many residents and officials are optimistic about the proposal, there is a range of issues besides the capital costs that the city council is concerned about regarding the implementation and operations of an NEV fleet. The proposal will continue to be discussed in the coming months. Learn more:

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