Suzuki Kei LSV Mini-truck Available In The US

Suzuki Kei Mini-truck

Suzuki Kei Mini-truck

MichTrucks and JDM & Associates of Petersburg, Michigan have received a certificate from the EPA which will allow them to sell new Kei mini-trucks from Suzuki.   The Kei vehicles have been gaining in popularity in the last few years, particularly as utility vehicles on farms.  However, most of these vehicles were used ones imported from Japan.  The fact that they were used rather new allowed them to circumvent EPA regulations regarding certificates of compliance for engines.  The EPA recently closed that loophole and now require certificates for all engines, whether the vehicle is new or used.

The testing process for the certification took JDM & Associates over a year but they can now sell the Suzuki Carry, Suzuki Alto and Suzuki Every models.  The gas-powered vehicles get 40 mpg and include a speed limiter so they can be made compliant with state LSV regulations.  The vehicles are not approved for use on interstates.

The company’s websites promotes the vehicles as an alternative to utility vehicles like the Mule and Gator.  The mini-trucks offer an enclosed cab and come with heating and air conditioning for a more comfortable environment in extreme conditions.  Learn more:

5 thoughts on “Suzuki Kei LSV Mini-truck Available In The US

  1. I am interested in the price of this Suzuki Kei Mini Truck, I would also like to know what the mph is.

    Thank you,
    Alan Bartelheimer

    • We do not have the Suzuki mini truck in our vehicle database yet. We are currently expanding the vehicle database and will this manufacturer and their models to our list of vehicles to add.

  2. We are looking importers/buyers of Japanese 4×4 mini trucks.

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    25 years old vehicles are exempt from US EPA and DOT regulation. No EPA import permit required for our trucks. No modification such as 15 mile speed governor, catalytic converter, etc.. required.

    We load seven 7 complete 4×4 mini trucks and many parts in a 40 ft container and deliver anywhere in USA , Canada or any where in the world.

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  3. I am interested to purchase this is Zukey cri mini truck. I’m just concerned can I drive it in the state of New Jersey on the road does it need the regulation for this particular state or New York and Virginia

    • To the best of my knowledge none of those states have laws governing mini-trucks which means they are not allowed to be used on public roads. For the most part, the mini trucks are used off-road, often on farms. In general, they lack the safety features of on-road trucks and also may have emissions issues. You may want to check with your state DMV or transportation authority to be sure. However, if the vehicles are certified as an LSV then you should check with your local town council, or city or county government to see if they have passed an LSV ordinance. Most states allow LSVs but the local municipalities need to pass specific ordinances to allow them on local roads.

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