RSM & Associates Introduces Three New Utility LSV Vehicles

RSM and Associates of Jackson, MI have announced the availability of three new gas powered utility vehicles.  Sold under the Suzuki brand, this lineup of LSV compliant vehicles includes the two passenger pick-up called the Super Stalker LS, the four passenger Mail-Mate delivery van and four passenger, 5 door, micro-van called the Shuttle.  The mpg for the fuel efficient vehicles ranges from 42 to 52 mpg.  The pick-up payload bed can operate similar to a dump bed or be raised horizontally to operate as a work platform.  It also has a half ton payload capacity and fold down sides.

All vehicles are available in 2WD or 4WD with either an automatic or manual 5-speed transmission.  Standard equipment includes speedometer/odometer, turn signals, safety glass, seatbelts, emergency flashers, power steering, back-up light, horn, spare tire and jack.  Air conditioning is also available. … All of the vehicles have standard heating systems, dash clusters, suspensions, drive-trains and ergonomics for driver comfort.   They are right hand drive and the servicing requirements are similar to any other vehicle.  Just change the oil and air filters as scheduled.  There is no other maintenance required until 60,000 miles.

Market segments for the vehicles include property owners, universities, municipalities, park services.  Learn more:

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