Cub Cadet Unveils Crossover UTV

Cub Cadet VTX

Cub Cadet Volunteer VTX Crossover UTV

Cub Cadet is using the upcoming SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufactuers Association) show to unveil their crossover concept vehicle the Volunteer VTX.  The VTX is designed to appeal to those using UTVs for both work and recreation.  Management is touting the vehicle’s ability to transform into different configurations as a defining feature of the vehicle.  Transformable features include:

  • Foldable jump seats that provide the flexibility to carry up to five riders or create more space behind the front seats for cargo or as a work area.
  • Bed sides that fold down to transform the VTX into a mobile work station complete with tool hookups.
  • Speed keys to set separate top speeds

Other features include:

  • 850cc Weber engine that can power the vehicle to 45+mph
  • 12-volt power outlets, hook-ups for air-powered tools and multi-functional high-intensity lighting
  • Digital display
  • In-dash monitor with GPS and rear-facing camera view

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