California Energy Commission Awards EV Grants

The California Energy Commission recently announced grants totaling $9.6 million for projects involving electric vehicle manufacturing, charging stations and biofuels.  Projects most relevant to the STOV market include:

  • $505,381 to San Francisco-based Mission Motor Company to help it bring its prototype electric vehicle battery packs and motor control modules to commercial production.  The components will work in electric motorcycles, scooters, cars, buses and outdoor power equipment.  The assembly facility in downtown San Francisco are expected to be capable of producing 30,000 battery packs and motor control systems each year by 2015,
  • $2,962,743 to Leyden Energy, Inc., for a production line capable assembling its lithium battery packs for its partner in the project, electric vehicle manufacturer Green Vehicles of Salinas.

The companies receiving the grants are providing matching funding for their respective projects.  Learn more:

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