Bad Boy Buggies Recall & Acquisition

Recently acquired Bad Boy Buggies announced a large recall to address ongoing acceleration problems with their Classic model.  The recall covers approximately 9,300 vehicles sold from 2003 to 2010 including models involved in a 2009 recall that unsuccessfully attempted to solve the same problem. The vehicles can accelerate without warning and have led to some injuries.  Learn more:

Bad Boy Buggies was acquired by E-Z-Go in October 2010 and now operates as BB Buggies, Inc.  Given the extent of the recall and assuming management new the recall was imminent, being acquired may have been the only recourse for the company.  For E-Z-Go the vehicle line adds a 4-by-4 electric platform to their extensive product line.  In our discussion with executives about the acquisition they remarked that they see potential in the platform beyond its current positioning as primarily a hunting vehicle.  In local newspaper reports E-Z-Go management has stated that for now they will be keeping manufacturing facilities in the Natchez, MS but will be analyzing the best course of action in the future.  Bad Boy Buggies CEO Skrabo noted the top-notch engineering and manufacturing facilities E-Z-Go brings to the situation.  Learn more:

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