New GEMs Launched For 2011

Chrysler Group Global Electric Motorcars LLC (GEM) has announced their new product line for 2011.  New features for the six model product line include:

An energy monitoring system, which allows drivers to determine the total amount of energy in kilo-watt-hours (kWh) that the GEM vehicle has removed from the grid. By using the trip meter, odometer switch in the vehicle, drivers can view the energy saving information right on the vehicle’s LCD screen. This feature is the first of its kind in the industry and allows drivers to actually see, and quantify, the positive impact that a GEM vehicle makes to the environment.
Also new for 2011 are four vehicle options including:

  • 12” turf tires for off-road applications
  • Right-hand-drive package that converts the GEM vehicle into the perfect police or security vehicle
  • Short-bed package that provides a 34” x 48” cargo bed on the GEM e4 four-passenger coupe or the GEM e6 six-passenger shuttle vehicle
  • Utility tie downs that allow cargo to easily be secured in any of the GEM utility vehicles

Learn more: (pdf of press release)

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