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Traction Device Patent – I came across a recently awarded patent for a system for improving the traction of ATVs and utility in loose terrain.  In brief, a conical structure is attached to the wheels that helps add traction in loose terrain conditions but does not interfere with driving the vehicle in other conditions. US Patent 7,850,252

Drawing of Loose Terrain Traction Device

Drawing Of Loose Terrain Traction Device


Loose Terrain Traction Device

Patented Loose Terrain Traction Device Shown on an ATV

Learn more:  Full patent at US Patent Office


Wireless Charging System Installed – New Zealand based UniServices Ltd and Ove Arup & Partners, through their UK based subsidiary, HaloIPT, have installed the world’s first wireless charging system for electric vehicles in London.  The inductive power technology (IPT) allows vehicles equipped with receiver pads to automatically be charged when parked over transmission pads.  The technology is based upon magnetic fields and can work under asphalt, submerged in water or under snow.  Management expects to develop roadway embedded systems in the future to charge vehicles while they are moving.  Learn more:

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