Innovation On The Farm

While technically not a STOV since it is a pickup truck, I thought this story of innovation on the farm was interesting and could be applied to a STOV just as easily.  A farmer in Oregon, with the help of a friend, converted a diesel pickup to an all electric.  While this is not common it has certainly been done before, but the real innovation was developing a remote control to operate the truck.  Not only does the truck save on fuel but operations that required two people could now be managed by one.

…Feeding cattle is now a one-man operation, saving on hired labor. Anderson can start, steer, throttle and stop the truck with a hand-held remote control device from up to 500 feet away. He can feed off the back while driving with the remote. He can also honk the horn from the remote if cattle get in front of the rig. Driving through gates no longer requires a second person to keep the cattle from running into the next pasture.  As an added benefit, Anderson said that during calving he can check the cows at night without disrupting them because the truck is so quiet….

Other benefits typical of electric vehicles also apply such as low maintenance and no vehicle emissions.  Learn more:

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