Worldwide Forecast For NEVs

Worldwide NEV Market

Worldwide NEV Market Forecast

Pike Research predicts that the number of NEVs on the road worldwide will grow from 479,000 in 2011 to 695,000 by 2017.  This represents a 45% increase in total over the trend period and a compounded annual growth rate of 6.6%.  North America will remain the largest NEV market with the Asia Pacific region the second largest.  During that period, annual NEV sales will rise from 37,000 vehicles to nearly 55,000 units by 2017 with the North American market accounting for 45% of sales or approximately 25,000 units in 2017. Fleet sales are predicted to remain the leading market for NEVs. The report had to take into account some of the different definitions or lack thereof for neighborhood electric vehicles across regions and countries.  Learn more:

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