Garia Launches 4-Passenger Golf Car

Garia 2+2

Garia introduces 4-passenger Garia 2+2

Last month luxury golf car manufacturer Garia introduced the Garia 2+2 a four passenger golf car.  With an additional rear-facing seat, the company points to increased versatility beyond golf course use and into the areas of personal transportation and commercial use at hotels and resorts.  The Garia 2+2 includes features such as:

•    Spacious carpeted 15 U.S. gals. / 58 liter storage room under the seat
•    Seat belts on rear seat
•    Non-slip floor foot rest                                                                                                  •    Additional storage space between the seats                                                           •    Gas damper to keep seat bench in upright position when accessing the             storage space under the seat

The Garia 2+2 is available in street-legal and non-street-legal versions.

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Polaris Reports Record Results In 3Q

Polaris Industries continues exhibiting strong growth in a down economy, increasing sales 26% in the 3Q to reach $729.9 million and increasing net income to $67.6 million from 47.2 million year over year.  Year to date sales increased 37% to compared to last year.  Management expects full year sales to increase 32% over 2010 figures to reach over $2.5 billion.  Gains were made in a number of areas including net income, earnings per share, margins and in overseas markets, including the sluggish European market.

The Off-road division grew 25% for the quarter and 38% year to date based on gains in side-by-sides, military and international markets.  Side-by-sides business increased over 20% in the quarter for Polaris compared to “low double digits” for the North American market as a whole.  The ATV market continues to decline but Polaris is still gaining market share.  Management also reports continuing success in penetrating commercial and rental markets through their partnership with Bobcat.

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Cycle Country Accessories Reports Losses

In late August Cycle Country Accessories, a designer and manufacturer of aftermarket products for ATVs and utility vehicles, reported a net loss of $431,191 for the three months ending June 30, compared to $583,541 in the same quarter a year ago.  For nine months ending June 30, sales were $7.7 million and net loss $2.1 million vs. sales of $7.9 million and a $0.6 million loss the previous year.  The company makes products such as snowplow blades, lawnmowers, spreaders, sprayers, tillage equipment, winch mounts, and utility boxes.  Learn more:

Jordan Initiates EV Solar Charging Project

The Jordanian government is working with a consortium of companies to develop a pilot project demonstrating the use of solar powered charging stations.  The consortium includes AllCell (USA), Nissan (Japan), DBT (France), MATRA (France), Sun Phocus (USA), Nissan Jordan and NETenergy, a Jordanian start-up company.  The Ministry of Environment has signed a memorandum of understanding and is planning on procuring 300 Nissan Leafs as well as other “light electric” vehicles such as e-bikes, e-scooters and NEVs.  Learn more:

John Deere Fills Out XUV Line

John Deere has added two more vehicles to their XUV line of crossover utility vehicles.  The XUV 550 and 550 S4 are billed as mid-duty vehicles to complement the existing 625i, 825i and the 855D models.  The vehicles offer 9 inches of wheel travel, 10.5 inches of ground clearance, 16-hp, 570 cc, air-cooled, v-twin gas engine, and 400 lbs of cargo capacity.  The S4 can carry 4 people or convert to two and increase the cargo bed size by 32%. Both models are available in Realtree Hardwoods™ HD Camo or traditional John Deere green and yellow.  Learn more:

STOV Market Trender

Thought I’d start a new type of post that highlights specific trends in the STOV market.  This inaugural post covers the replacement of full-size pickups with utility vehicles.  In Volusia County, FL they are phasing out the use of pick-ups for beach patrol duties.  Citing a reduced threat to pedestrians and sunbathers, the county is now using Honda ATV’s and will be trying out a couple of Polaris 6×6 Ranger’s for beach patrol duties.  Learn more:

News Briefs

Group Promotes LSVs in Augusta, GA – A newly formed group, the Augusta Greenway Alliance, has been formed to help increase awareness and support of LSVs.  One vision includes linking the medical and downtown districts with LSV lanes.  Learn more:

Polaris Chooses Agency for GEM – Polaris Industries has chosen Nelson Schmidt Inc as the new agency to provide marketing and sales support for the recently acquired GEM business.  Learn more:

GM’s EN-V for China’s Eco-City – GM’s trio of two-wheeled neighborhood electric vehicles are being incorporated into plans for Tianjin, China’s futuristic eco-city.  Being developed in conjunction with partners from Singapore, Tianjin will be

“…a large-scale prototype for the sort of sustainable, high-density communities we’re expected to see in the coming decades. Key features include a focus on renewable energy, mass transit (in the form of a light rail system) and – you guessed it – a development of GM’s EN-V.”  

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Cushman Launches New Line of UTVs

Cushman Hauler

Cushman Hauler 1200X

This week Cushman introduced their new Hauler line of electric and gas powered utility vehicles.  The product line includes the Hauler 800, 1000, 1200 and 1200x.  The 800 and 1000 are powered by 48 volt electric systems while the 1200 is powered by a 13 hp gas engine.  The 1200x comes in both electric and gas versions.  The model designation indicates the vehicle’s payload capacity except for the 1200x which has a maximum payload of 1,000 lbs for the electric version and 800 lbs for the gas version.  Learn more:

Bad Boy Gets Disciplined By The CPSC

Bad Boy Enterprises recently announced that they would pay a civil penalty of $715,000 to settle allegations by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that

Bad Boy Enterprises failed to immediately report, as required by federal law, a defect involving Classic Buggies off-road utility vehicles with Series brand and SePex brand electric motors that resulted in sudden acceleration incidents and injuries to consumers. 

The defect occurred in vehicles produced from 2003 to 2010.  In agreeing to the settlement, Bad Boy Enterprises denies CPSC staff allegations as to the existence of a defect or hazard or that it violated the law.  Learn more:

Polaris Targets India For Growth

In August Polaris introduced a broad selection of their off-road vehicles (ORVs) to the Indian market.  The company expects to have twenty-five “sales touch points” in the country by the end of the year.  Management has a goal of $100 million in ORV sales by 2016.  They are also studying the feasibility of selling LSVs, leveraging their recently acquired GEM product line.  Mahindra Reva is currently selling similar vehicles with a sales target of 3,000 vehicles per year.  The government provides some incentives but infrastructure issues are an obstacle as well.  Learn more: