New Vehicle Introductions

ACG Cars T-Sport LSV

T-Sport LSV recently introduced by ACG Cars

ACG Cars – ACG Cars of California recently launched their T-Sport LSV, a four passenger all electric vehicle. Features include  including a 17.5 hp brushless A/C motor, Sevcon computerized controller and LCD in-dash display.  The vehicle has a top speed of 25 mph and an estimated range of 40 miles.  MSRP is $7950. Learn more:

AGT Electric Cars – AGT Electric Cars of Ontario, Canada recently introduced their Marrow Waste Management Vehicle.  The company usually manufacturers manufactures low-speed vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles, utility task vehicles, burden carriers and golf cars.  The new vehicle is based upon their Marrow Electric Industrial Vehicle but is fitted with a 1-ton capacity trash bin.  The vehicle is powered by 12 6-volt batteries and management reports a range of 35 miles when fully loaded.  The vehicle is currently undergoing pilot tests and will be launched in Canada this month with a price of around $25,000.  The company is talking with potential distributors for the US market.  Learn more:

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