E-Z-GO Developments

Towards the end of last year E-Z-GO initiated a rebranding of some of their product lines.  They introduced their Terrain line of vehicles for what management describes as “trail-utility” applications and their Express line of vehicles for “trail-leisure” applications.  The Terrain line consists of the Terrain 250 and 1000 in gas and electric configurations and the Terrain 500 and 1500 in gas only configurations.  The Express line consists of the L4, S4, L6 and S6 models which all come in gas or electric versions.  One dealer’s website describes the Terrain line being for cargo and the Express line being for people.

From my understanding the old E-Z-GO ST product line has been rebranded as E-Z-GO Terrain & Express models, and as the Cushman Hauler models, and some as Bad Boy Buggies.  While the guts of the vehicles have not been changed substantially, the front body panel, the cowl, headlights and canopy top have been changed and the top supports are beefier as well.

E-Z-GO Exceed Hybrid Technology

E-Z-GO's Exceed Hybrid Technology Range Extender

E-Z-Go has also introduced a range extender technology for their Freedom RXV golf car and 2Five LSV.  The Exceed Hybrid Technology™ is a fully integrated supplemental power source which can extend the range of these vehicles up to 150 miles based on E-Z-Go’s test results.  The Exceed features a 6 hp, 205 cc gas generator which can recharge the batteries on the fly and provides a 400-watt power source for charging electronic devices.  System controls and the power source outlet are located on the dashboard.  The generator fits into the vehicle’s bagwell with a custom cover. Learn more:  Ezgo.com


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