“Silver Tsunami” To Lift LSV Sales?

An important driver for the consumer LSV market has been the growth of retirement and over 55 master planned/gated communities to serve aging Baby Boomers.  While many of these communities have been associated with retirement areas in Florida, California, Arizona and the Carolinas, a recent planning document from Washington state points to more widespread potential outside those states and master planned communities.  Recently the Clark County Aging Readiness Task Force presented over 90 recommendations to county officials to address the county’s aging population.  A number of the recommendations deal specifically with transportation issues and one of the general recommendations is to support the use of neighborhood electric vehicles.  County officials expect that by 2030, 25% of local residents will be 60 or older compared to around 16% today.  “Seniors are the fastest growing segment of the local population and, statewide, Washington will rank 11th in the nation.”  Learn more:  Columbian.com

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