UTV Sales Up In The UK Farming Segment

The Agricultural Engineers Association recently reported that ATV sales in the  UK totaled more than 10,500 units in 2011, an increase of 4% from 2010.  Under ATVs they include both traditional ATVs and UTVs and theses figures appear to cover the farming segment.

A closer look at the data shows a similar trend as the US market, notably a decrease in the ATV market and an increase in the UTV market.  UTVs grew 24% from 2010 to reach nearly 3,800 vehicles.  Meanwhile ATVs decreased by nearly 5% but still accounted for a larger share of the market.  However, at these growth rates UTV sales should surpass as ATVs in a few years as they offer “greater carrying capacity and comfort”.  Learn more:  FarmersWeekly

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