Green Tech Starts NEV Production

Green Tech Automotive's MyCar NEV

Green Tech Automotive starts production of their MyCar NEV

A visit from former President Bill Clinton kicked off production  at Green Tech Automotive’s Horn Lake, MS plant.  The production line will manufacture the company’s MyCar NEV.  Management, which includes former Democratic National Committee chief Terry McAuliffe, hopes to produce 10,000 vehicles in their first year.  Many of these are destined for Denmark where Greenabout will distribute the vehicles.  Pizza chain Domino’s will also use some of the vehicles.  The company is targeting the fleet market with the vehicle which is priced at $18,000 and claims a maximum range of 95 miles for the top of the line model.  The vehicles feature lithium batteries from Flux Power of California.  Future plans include shipping vehicle components to China for final assembly in a to be built plant there as well as 300,000 square facility in Tunica County to produce up to 16,000 vehicles per year.  Learn more:

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