What’s Cooking On The STOV

Highlighting some of the many applications for small, task-oriented vehicles

Border Patrol – Customs and Border Protection will be adding two UTVs and three ATVs to their fleet.  The UTVs, Polaris Ranger 800 HD with plows, blades and other accessories, will be used near Spokane, WA and the ATVs in Maine.  Learn more:  GSNmagazine.com

Pitt Community College Buys GEMs

Campus Transportation – One of the major market segments for LSVs is college campuses.  Pitt Community College recently expanded their campus and needed a versatile option for staff to move around the ground.  Their choice was a pair of GEM LSVs.  Learn more:  Reflector.com

All Purpose Farm/Mining Vehicle – In Australia the farm segment is showing the same trend as in the US:  the replacement of ATVs by UTVs.  Key factors driving the switch are ease of use and more productivity compared to ATVs.   Demand for vehicle accessories for this segment is increasing as well.  A Polaris retail manager states that 80% of sales in Queensland and the Northern Territory is for farming.  The other important segment in this area is mining where an accessorized UTVs offer a much cheaper alternative to traditional Landcruisers.  Learn more:  SL.farmonline.com.au

Polk County Sheriff uses Mule for bike trail patrol

Bike Trail Patrol – The Polk County Sheriff’s Office in Iowa is using a Kawasaki Mule to patrol bike trails this summer.  The Mule gives them access to areas that their other cars cannot reach while at the same time allows them to carry gear and supplies or an injured person, which is not possible with a motorcycle.  Learn more:  Blogs.Desmoinesregister.com

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