Kubota Recalls RTV500 Utility Vehicles

In cooperation with the CPSC Kubota has announced the recall of approximately 970 RTV500 utility vehicles due to a carbon monoxide issue.  The RTV500 with a cab enclosure can experience an accumulation of carbon monoxide while idling and not moving which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.   The vehicles were sold from September 2008 to April 2012.  The company has received two reports of headaches related to carbon monoxide.

Consumers should contact their Kubota dealer to schedule a free repair of the recalled vehicle, including the installation of a high-velocity exhaust tail pipe, the installation of special seals inside the cab and a check of the ventilating system.  Kubota can be contacted toll-free at (800) 752-0290 or visit www.kubota.com and click on Safety/Safety Notices. Kubota is contacting its customers directly.  Learn more:  CPSC.gov

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