More Funds for CA Clean Vehicle Rebate Program – But Not LSVs

The California Energy Commission is adding $4.5 million to the coffers of the state’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Program operated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Unfortunately for LSV manufacturers and purchasers the funds are earmarked only for highway capable zero-emission electric vehicles and light-duty plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that can carry at least four passengers. CARB has issued approximately 18,000 rebates totaling $41 million through its Clean Vehicle Rebate Program with a small percentage of those rebates for LSVs/NEVs.

Comment:  The exclusion of NEVs/LSVs is not too surprising. One of CARB’s goals of the program is to speed the adoption of new vehicle technologies. They do not consider LSV technology to be a new technology that can be transferred to highway capable vehicles. This is also apparent in the zero emission credit valuation of LSVs for their zero emission vehicle requirement program with which vehicle manufacturers must comply.

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