Renault Offers Twizy Cargo for Commercial Use

Renault’s Twizy Cargo for urban commercial use

France-based Renault is modifying their commuter vehicle, the Twizy Z.E., to be used as a small commercial vehicle for cargo transport. Whereas the Twizy Z.E. features two seats with the passenger behind the driver, the Twizy Cargo will be a one-seater with cargo space. Both are electric powered vehicles. With 6.53 cubic feet of cargo space and a 165 lb payload the vehicle is best used for small package delivery in urban environments. The top speed of the Twizy 45 Cargo is limited to 27 mph which means in some European countries a driver doesn’t need a license. The Twizy 80 Cargo has a top speed of 52 mph and requires a licensed driver.  Durability issues with the vehicle raise concerns about the ability of the vehicle to withstand more demanding commercial usage. Learn more:

Comment:  Europe and some other regions have relatively more relaxed vehicle regulations than the US when it comes to smaller vehicles such as the Twizy.  With their older cities and narrower streets, they arguably have a greater need for them as well. Thus, the market and regulatory bodies have responded with a variety of vehicles and vehicle classifications to meet the market needs. Europe will continue to be a more fertile ground than the US for these low speed vehicles in the foreseeable future unless US regulations change. This is one reason why Polaris in recent years has made acquisitions in the European market and sees potential for their GEM brand internationally.

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