Final Plan Issued for Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area

Riders enjoying Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area with ATVs and UTVS

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has issued a final management plan for the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area in California. The plan is good news for off-road riders as the plan will open up 50,000 acres for off-road use within the area. The Dunes are a popular off-road riding area that stretches some 40 miles with an average with of 5 miles.

The plan includes measures to provide recreation opportunities for thousands of visitors by making nearly 180,000 acres (about 84% of the planning area) available for off-highway vehicle (OHV) use, while protecting critical habitat for the threatened Peirson’s Milkvetch by closing the plant’s habitat in the recreation area (about 11,670 acres) to off-highway vehicle use. ….Per the court order, all injunctive relief, including the closures, will remain in effect for 90 days after the date the BLM signs and issues the Record of Decision. … Once the injunction is removed, the BLM will manage the area pursuant to the approved Recreation Area Management Plan.

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 Comment:  This is good news not only for off-road riders but dealers and manufacturers as well. The more off-road riding opportunities that are available the better it is for the industry as a whole, especially if they can balance recreation and environmental concerns. The West and Southwest US are a particular hot bed for off-road riding in sandy terrain.

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