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Lithium Boost Technologies signs manufacturing agreement with Bright Technologies

Lithium Boost Technologies, which produces a lithium battery system to replace the lead acid battery pack in golf cars, industrial and utility vehicles, recently announced a new safety feature and strategic manufacturing agreement. Their new interlock feature locks the vehicle in place to prevent the user from moving it while the battery is in the charging process.

The company also signed a manufacturing agreement with US/Mexico based Bright Manufacturing to produce wiring harnesses and electronic boards for the the battery systems. The agreement will allow the Lithium Boost to improve delivery time and meet growing demand.

Lithium Boost offers a variety of lithium iron phosphate battery solutions including, LithiumBoost Plus for leisure use, LithiumBoost Pro for industrial, and LithiumBoost Ultra for off-road. Depending on vehicle application, the product is available in 36, 48, & 72 volt systems and 60ah-200ah lithium-ion battery cells. Learn more:

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