Bad Boy Mowers Expands: Targets UTV Market

Intimidator multi-terrain vehicle from Bad Boy Mowers

Bad Boy Mowers of Arkansas has announced plans to hire more than 200 people in the next three to five years as the company expands it’s offerings in the UTV market. The manufacturer of lawn mowers also started producing utility vehicles several years back but has moved more aggressively into the UTV market with the launch of the affiliated company and brand, Intimidator in 2011. The company spent $7.5 million to expand their plant for the new product line.

The Intimidator series features a 1,600-pound payload and a 2,100-pound towing capacity. The company will be producing 10 new multi-terrain vehicles, as they like to call them, expanding the total number of models they offer to 16. The Intimidator product line includes diesel, gas and electric versions. Previously, under the Bad Boy Mower brand the company has also offered a range of UTVs including some that are LSV compliant UTVs. Learn more:

Comment:  And the competition in the UTV market continues, this time in the work UTV segment. Creating a new brand is probably the best way to go as UTVs do not initially come to mind with the name Bad Boy Mowers. There could also be some confusions and possibly even legal issues with the Bad Boy Buggies brand owned by E-Z-GO. However, the company should still be able to leverage the Bad Boy Mower dealer network, which at first glance seems concentrated in the Midwest and East, to grow the Intimidator line. Distribution is key in this market as so many manufacturers entered from adjacent markets like powersports, farming, power equipment, golf, etc. They often can reach parts of the market or certain segments with their traditional distribution networks but then have trouble expanding further.

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