Insights from the Texas UTV Market

Dealers expect new introductions like the Yamaha Viking will help continue the strong growth in the UTV market.

PowerSportsBusiness recently featured an article on UTV registrations around the US by state and a related article with data on UTV accessories. Texas had the largest number of registrations by far with nearly 4,500 registered in the first quarter of 2013. California was second with about 1,700. Now these numbers can be misleading because states can have a varying rules on whether or not a UTV has to be registered. In some cases it may depend on whether it is used on private or public land. So it may be hard to compare data state to state without knowing their individual regulations regarding UTV registration. What I found more interesting was the handful of interviews with Texas dealers that is included in the article. Here is my quick analysis of those interviews:

  • The solid growth in the UTV market is expected to continue
  • Growth is being driven by a number of factors including:  new product introductions, local economic factors like growing oil business and good farming conditions, and continued product switching  from ATVs to UTVs
  • While switching from ATVs is occurring a significant amount of UTV purchasers are newcomers to the market
  • Polaris is a dominant brand but others are selling well and there are indications that the Kawasaki Teryx is on the upswing
  • Whether sales are for recreation or work/utility applications depends on the location of the dealer and the dominant customer segments in their area
  • Farmers are still driving ATV sales but are also switching to UTVs
  • Accessories can frequently add $1,500 to $3,000 or more to a UTV sale
  • Roofs, windshields and winches are key accessories being purchased


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