ARPA-E Funding More EV Battery Research

ARPA-E RANGE program $36 million into more EV battery technology projects.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) will award approximately $36 million to 22 projects to develop transformational electric vehicle (EV) energy storage systems using innovative chemistries, architectures and designs. While the research is predominantly targeting highway capable vehicles, any significant advancements in battery performance and/or cost reduction will work its way down to the STOV market eventually. There are already lithium battery pack options available for some STOVs with more expected to hit the market in the next one to two years. Any trickle down technology will likely impact niche markets or particular applications that require better battery performance first. For example, an organization with “green” or sustainability mandates may be willing to pay the price premium for new better performing battery packs.

The projects being funded cover a range of battery technologies including lithium, lead acid, zinc-air, metal hydride and flow batteries. Some of the projects focus on integrating the batteries into the structure of the vehicle itself and/or changing the placement of batteries to increase battery safety in the event of a collision. Others focus on developing solid state lithium battery technology that is non-flammable and safer.  Learn more:

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